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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Uncontested Divorce - How it works

Vallejo divorce mediation is a civil way to get divorced. Vallejo divorce mediation relatively inexpensive, painless and quick. I'm not going to lie to you and tell you that it's free and painless. But you can have it done in a day and it will only cost you a few hundred bucks. Considering the cost of a contested divorce, it's a good idea (if you and your spouse are still on speaking terms). In Vallejo, divorce mediation and other types of Alternative Dispute Resolution, are growing in popularity. And for good reason I think. Who want's to give lawyers tens of thousands of dollars?

Generally, Vallejo divorce mediation is between you, your spouse and a neutral third party. Here's what happens:
- You and your spouse give your offer for resolving the dispute to an appointed or agreed upon third party.
- This neutral third party is usually a Vallejo divorce mediation attorney with many years experience in family law.
- The Vallejo divorce mediation attorney will decide the outcome of the dispute for the parties in lieu of court action.

There might be a bit of yelling between you and your spouse, but for the most part, it's all pretty civil. Courts like it to. They find that the solution that you and your partner work out is better than the one that they decide on. So go on, talk to a Vallejo divorce mediation lawer about it.

Talk to several Vallejo divorce mediation lawyers. They're smart people. And they're not just after your money. Trust me on this - if they were, they'd be in commercial law advising hedge funds. They're here to help you. They might be able to find a good, economical solution that works for you and your partner.

It takes about one hour or an hour and a half to complete the paperwork and produce the documents for the uncontested divorce process.

Uncontested divorce is much faster and is also less expensive then a contested divorce. At Bay Area Family Law, we focus on the key issues of the uncontested divorce cases and conduct meaningful discussions with our clients so that they receive a fair and equitable divorce with a cost-effective approach. In uncontested divorces, an attorney still might represents one of the spouses - so you might need two. Each spouse has their own interest and the attorney cannot represent both the spouses. But, if you've able to negotiate with your spouse, you probably only need one.

Different attorneys might follow different manners of working. However, the procedures remain same for almost all uncontested divorce processes. The clients meet their attorneys in the office to discuss the key issues relating to the divorce. Then, the attorney explains the various options available. Usually, the attorneys inform their clients about various documents available for the uncontested divorce, and what each document can do for them. When the clients understand the entire procedure, the attorney prepares all the necessary paperwork to be signed by both the spouses.

Any that's it! It's much better than you and your spouse each spending $18k and a few months to fight it out in court.


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