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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Client Benefit Law Firm

A Plymouth based law firm, Wolferstans has cut document accumulations and then enhanced customer service.

“With our earlier tape scheme we were experiencing major accumulations of work, which anticipated that we were harassed to reach the high-levels of client service that we aim to present. We recognized the benefits that introducing a digital transcription system could present the firm and chosen WinScribe from SRC as it presents a fully-featured system that advantages fee earners and secretaries alike, with an simple, easy to use interface. From day one, the SRC solution has been problem-free and a total accomplishment. Work is skillfully directed to guarantee that it is finished in the best time possible, and by sharing work more professionally we have not required to change secretaries that have left the firm. Sac’s services made a significant difference to the smooth use of the WinScribe system. From our 1st meeting to the end of the roll-out, we’ve been impressed by Sac’s capacity to realize and understand our goals and this has been reflected by the quality of their project management, training and support,” said Philip Thorneycroft, Head of Wolferstans’ Family Law practice.

Wolferstans has been commenced since 1812 when Samuel Kelly, an Attorney at Law, started practice at The Barbican, Plymouth. By 1836 his sons, J & W Kelly were the associates. John Kelly became a Justice of the Peace, Mayor and Alderman, as well as being a Master Extra in Chancery, Secretary of Sutton Harbour Improvement Company and the local Marine Board. In 1873 Thomas Wolferstan connected the firm which turned into Kelly & Wolferstan.

SRC are the UK’s vital document formation experts. The firm's work is to confirm its customers reach cost savings and productivity developments through the delivery, implementation and support of leading edge document formation technologies.

SRC provides consultancy for each elements of the specialized document formation process together with supreme delivery, implementation and support services. Sac’s groups join years of business skill with the skill and promise to deliver answers that not only meet but exceed clients' ideas.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Save Children and kick-off Crime through Custody Calculations:

23 year old law enforcement officer and also chief executive officer of Custody Calculations Catherine MacWillie, dealt daily with the issues pertaining to divorce and the family law court system.One of the added terrifying outcomes of the family law courts she came to witness was the capability of violent criminals and convicted licenced sexual criminals to obtain unmonitored visitation, even get full care of their kids. Catherine recognized the basis of this get-out together with other reviews that should be made to the divorce procedure throughout the growth of her business, Custody Calculations.

According to Catherine it is her expect that the courts will invest in practice the unique technology used in her fresh automatic web site service to assist the court distinguish and repair unsafe care choices that permit sexual killers to get care of their children or have unmonitored visitation and other subjects. She believes many of the changes that are desirable in family law are simple and could happen now, today, without any modification in the law. In some cases the reorganization of the court orders would be all that is wanted. These small changes would have the additional advantage of allowing families to get well faster from the divorce procedure than is now possible under the present system.

Ultimately these changes would too decrease the trauma, drama and destruction of divorce, minimize the number of valid court orders even offer for the use of such words as privacy and dignity in the divorce procedure. More instant and pressing, these changes would act to protect and secure the safety of kids.

Other alterations would permit divorcing parties to control, for the first time who has what information and when during and after divorce just by reorganizing the court orders. By using the services developed by Custody Calculations, these changes and even more are now possible!

While a majority of the time it is women who are victims of sexual predators, men would benefit from the obedience of criminal history by the other party. Men marry women who have criminal backgrounds of which they are unaware of as well. While women are more often guilty of prostitution, drug, and alcohol arrests there are a very small number of women who are sexual predators or women who have been arrested for severe neglect or abuse of their children. Again without this information, the court cannot make an “informed decision” for the protection, safety and welfare of children.

Criminal records, proof or lack thereof, would be submitted by the parties at the onset of the divorce procedure without additional costs or burden to the courts and would be notarized. Confirmation of the name, date of birth etc could be complete against the document. The detail information would become a part of the court record, to be filed and referred to with the rest of the necessary disclosures when determining custody.

While on the outside, this alteration would show to be overpowering and would need fresh legislation, it could be done with a minimum of attempt and would make sure the protection of children protecting them from abusers which can scarcely be argued against.

The New Book for Power of Forgiveness Demonstrates “Kill Crime Not Criminals”

With more than 20 years experience as a trial attorney, John Patrick Contini a former prosecutor and veteran criminal defense attorney since 1983, appeared in 11 Federal Courts throughout the nation and Florida.

John received his B.A. in 1979 from the University of MA and his Juris Doctor in 1982 from the New England School of Law. John has been written up by many publications and featured on national and home television and radio news outlets. His law firm, John P. Contini and Associates, concentrates in the family law/marital issues areas, commercial litigation, insolvency law, employees’ compensation and employment law, civil rights litigation, individual hurt, and illegal death cases.

His private and professional journey has taken him from the depths of emotional despair over the state of an unforgiving world, and the weakness and hypocrisy inherent in human nature, to the pinnacle of religious joy and completion. The challenges he has faced, and their resolutions - from both a lawful and religious position - have enabled him to raise and grow as an attorney, and as a gentleman. Working alongside with those who have been really regretful, Contini has had to fight with his own ego and private fiends, witnessing the amazing duality that lies inside the hearts of his dear friends, respected peers, and those he has represented.

Contini, who once served as a Broward County, Florida prosecutor said, "Consider the James Gould case and the public outrage it incited. Indignation and righteous anger, including my own, is the typical response when you explain a man who declares to taking a shower with an 8-year-old boy, and perhaps doing some unsuitable things. Yes, there are legal penalty for this shameful crime and yet, as an evolved society with respect for treatment and rehabilitation, are we not required to have some compassion toward even folks like Gould who themselves were once victimized as children? Where's the understanding for the child within this man, before his own innocence was smashed by the sexual mistreatment perpetrated on him?"

Contini considers that criminals can be excused, and still go to jail where, he says, most deserve to be. Ironically, much of what Contini has learned regarding life, his own failings and weaknesses, and his blossoming holiness, was gleaned from relations with some of his most infamous and notorious clients. His close contact with Gil Fernandez, the former Miami police officer and champion bodybuilder who was convicted of the triple gangland-style murder of three supposed drug dealers in 1991, assisted to modify Contini's life.

"I got too close to Gil, and perhaps should have tried harder to maintain appropriate boundaries, and put a strong distance between myself and my client," he said. "But I don't regret a thing. Now after 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer, I only take customers who I believe are really repentant -- those who show remorse for their crime, and empathy for the victim and the victim's family. As a man of faith, my relationship with Gil helped me to practice what I used to just preach."

In spite of a person's guilt, whether in reference to James Gould, Gil Fernandez, or any other person who has been accused of a heinous crime, Contini believes that if you identify the defendant is guilty, it's vital to "condemn the act, not the person."

The Princeton & Mt. Holly law firm focuses Chiefly on New Jersey personal injury and workers’ compensation

A cooperation agreement is announced today by The Princeton & Mt. Holly law firm of Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman and the Nutley law firm of Ball Livingston which has focused primarily on New Jersey personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, but covering lawyers for all legal services statewide.

Some of New Jersey’s law firms represent unions, in spite of the existence of over half a million union members in the state who frequently work in jobs most prone to workers’ compensation or personal injury claims. Union members have shown a liking for dealing with pro-union professionals, as well as lawyers, when aware of the association and sensibly suitable. So the 2 firms who’s lawyers characterize dozens of unions and locals have joined forces to provide members individual legal requirements, also, offering perhaps the first and largest such New Jersey statewide coverage.

The agreement names 3 Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman lawyers, partners Bruce P. Miller, Esq., Edward Slaughter Jr., Esq., and Thomas R. Smith, Esq., “Of Counsel” for Ball Livingston and two Ball Livingston lawyers, partners Craig H. Livingston, Esq. and Lynne P. Kramer, Esq. “Of Counsel” for Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman.

“The heavy power at the back of this agreement is geographic convenience for union members,” explains attorney Thomas R. Smith, Esq., a Clifton native now living in Hamilton Township and a partner with 17 years of experience in personal injury, workers’ compensation & disability, and criminal & municipal law at Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman. “Union members don’t forever live or work near their union’s law firm – and some union locals don’t even have a New Jersey law firm – but union members want to use a union lawyer for everything. Now they can.”

attorney Craig H. Livingston, Esq., partner and co-founder of Ball Livingston declares, “currently we can together serve our client unions’ members, and any union’s members, statewide with the convenience of offices in North, Central and South Jersey and the added depth of Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman’s personal injury lawyers and other departments. We have instantly become a statewide New Jersey law firm with this fresh relationship.”

Attorney Edward Slaughter, Jr., Esq., partner and chairman of the personal injury department at Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman agrees, “It works both ways. We make stronger our statewide New Jersey presence and strengthen each core practice area in our accident and injury services. We also associate ourselves with some of the most respected working people’s lawyers in the country.”

Attorney Bruce P. Miller, Esq. partner and chairman of the workers’ compensation & disability law and criminal law departments at Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman adds, “Both firms have long histories as New Jersey lawyers representing labor unions and serving union members on employment subjects, workers’ compensation and private hurt claims. Pellettieri also brings strong practices in Family Law, Wills, Trusts, Estates & Tax Law, Real Estate & Land Use, Commercial, Insurance & Contract Litigation, and Criminal & Municipal Law.”

“It’s one more method to better serve our unions. This firm has represented labor unions and wounded workers since 1929. at present, we signify New Jersey locals and trades councils for over 25 unions, as well as the Auto Workers, Carpenters, Communications Workers, Construction Workers, Electrical Workers, Insulation & Asbestos Workers, Ironworkers, Plumbers & Pipe Fitters, Printers & Graphic Crafts Workers, Service Employees, Sheet Metal Workers, State, County & Municipal Employees, Steelworkers, and Teamsters,” according to attorney Ira C. Miller, Esq., partner and chairman of the labor & employment law department at Pellettieri, Rabstein & Altman

Ball Livingston partners Craig Livingston, Esq. and Lynne Kramer, Esq. have represented labor unions and injured workers since 1969.

Top Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona!!!

It was declared by Arizona divorce and family law firm Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González (NRG), PLC that partner and Arizona lawyer J. Vincent González has been selected as one of the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education's 2005 recipients of "Top Pro Bono Attorneys in Arizona."

In their assignment of "increasing access to justice for all Arizonans," the foundation instituted this award in 2001 to identify Arizona lawyers who have steadily given their time and ability to assist citizens who would otherwise have no legal resources. Mr. González has made unexpected aid and has shown wonderful attempts in making an impact in the life of domestic violence victims.

The Foundation organizes a statewide Department of Economic Security (DES) grant together with legal service programs plus with a lot of shelters across Arizona. The main reason of the grant is to offer access to legal services for family violence survivors.

Mr. González, a beginning member of NRG, offers over 7 years of family law practice to his position with a stress on assisting clientele in the prosecution and defense of family orders of guard and injunctions against harassment, criminal domestic violence violations, and general family law litigation.

Mr. Gonzalez is an existing member of the State Bar of Arizona's Case Conflicts Committee and the Committee on Minorities and Women in the Law. He is also a member of the Maricopa County Bar Association, Los Abogados, and a participant on the Membership Committee in the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Nirenstein, Ruotolo & González, P.L.C. established in 2003 by 3 accomplished Arizona lawyers; NRG is a boutique family law firm that offers specialized representation in Arizona divorce and family law litigation, mediation, appellate review and mental health and elder law services. NRG boasts 7 skilled family law attorneys, 2 litigation analysts, 2 paralegals, and 3 support personnel. The firm symbolizes many diverse clientele, both in Arizona and countrywide, and is the major law firm in Arizona practicing divorce and family law completely.

A New Attorney is being hired to Melbourne based law firm

Platt, Jacobus, Fielding, and Torres, law firm of Melbourne, have added Michael A. Richey to their practice. Richey will work for the firm’s clientele mainly in the region of individual damage and medical misconduct.

prior to joining PJFT, Richey worked as an Associate for a famous Brevard law firm where he carried out legal research, drafted pleadings and motions, conducted depositions in family law and criminal cases, attended family case mediations, and appeared in all sorts of court proceedings, from suppression and contempt hearings to trials, both family and criminal, jury and non-jury. He too appeared frequently in all courts (Juvenile, Dependency, Injunction, County, Circuit and Appellate) and fruitfully argued a family law legal matter earlier than the 5th District Court of Appeals in Daytona Beach.

“PJFT is devoted to offering residents of Brevard with specialized, ethical, and experienced legal representation. Michael includes this center purpose and we sense he will be a great benefit to our team,” says Platt, partner with Platt, Jacobus, Fielding, and Torres.

Graduated from Wayne State University Law School in Detroit, Michigan, Richey contributed in numerous clerkships and served as a Student Attorney for the Free Legal Aid Clinic, representing needy inner-city clients in a variety of legal matters.

Richey is a member of several skilled organizations including, the Florida Bar, the American Bar Association, the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, the Brevard County Bar Association, and the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Mr. Richey has also served on the Board of Directors of the Brevard County Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division.

A law firm on behalf of the interests of Brevard residents with an experienced and efficient group of trial attorneys and support staff, Platt, Jacobus, and Fielding & Torres has gathered a dynamic team of experts, committed to private damage protection, automotive litigation, social security and medical malpractice. The firm is located at 1990 West New Haven Avenue in Melbourne.

Friday, March 30, 2007

International Family Lawyer Releases Key Advices to Expats

Expats who experience family problems abroad require responsible counsel, information and support. Jeremy Morley, worldwide family lawyer in New York City, has published a list of key advices -- Top 10 Tips for Expats…

From an International Family Lawyer – based on his extensive experience in advising expats in family crises.

The detail is accessible at Morley’s website – – the most broadly-used online source of information regarding global family law matters.

Morley reports that, “Too frequently expats rush into action without planning their moves. They can discover themselves in big problem if they’re not very cautious.”

A big challenge is actually hard for people to find helpful information regarding the interaction between the laws of different countries. “That’s where I come in,” he says. “I work around the world with local counsel and we work purposefully.”

Occasionally it is essential to act very quickly and forcefully. At other times you require to take your time and apply one step at a time. jmorley@international-divorMorley says, “It’s really unlike most other areas of law—and that’s why I love it.”

· If you are pregnant and abroad should you stay or go home?

· If your kids are young should you permit their father to take them to his home country for the summer?

· If you’re moving abroad should you sell the house?

· If you’re feeling immovable in a foreign country should you take the kids and run home?

· Will a prenuptial agreement be fully recognized?

Jeremy is himself tremendously global in his individual life and his legal and business career. Born and cultured in England, he taught in law schools in the United States, Canada and England, practiced law in New York for 30 years, survived his own worldwide divorce case some years ago, has two American children, has dual British and U.S. nationality, has engaged in business ventures in many countries, is happily married to his 2nd wife, Eriko, from Japan, has lived in Japan, has a Japanese wife lived on 3 continents and taught in law schools in.

The International Family Law Office of Jeremy D. Morley, a New York law firm, offers customers with suggestion and representation concerning international child kidnapping and other global family law matters, acting with local counsel across the Globe.

Contact Divorce With Dignity to book an appointment or get more information.