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March 14, 2010
There are two general options for you. The first option is to get an uncontested divorce. This process takes around 3-4hrs and costs around $500. You and your spouse should talk with Divorce with Dignity to get started. The first thing they do is check in with you to see if there is any way your marriage can be saved. If it doesn't look like your marriage can be saved, you can get all the paperwork filled out in around 3hrs.

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The second option is to get an uncontested divorce. This option is much more expensive and complicated. Fill out this online contact form if you think you need an uncontested divorce. We work with many different law firms and will find the fight one for you.

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If You Need a Divorce... Divorce With Dignity is a non-attorney service that helps you keep control of your situation and receive an outcome that is cost effective and meets your needs.

Divorce With Dignity was established in 1996 and helps people throughout the state of California with legal document assistance. We also support people nationally with our divorce planning and facilitation services.

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